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The number of tweets sent, photos uploaded to Facebook, videos watched on TikTok and money spent on Amazon every minute

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James Moore, director of Bishop's Stortford-based Genmar IT, writes for the Indie...

We all know the internet is vast, but, as with most very large concepts it can be difficult to envision the true extent of its enormity using numbers. Let's break down the immensity of the internet by minute to try to conceptualise its size.

But first, an overview. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. This makes up 59.5% of the global population. Compare this to 1993 when there were only 14 million internet users across the globe (0.25% of the global population).

This number is projected to increase to 5.63 billion by 2025, meaning roughly 70% of the worldwide population having access to the internet.

So, what does a typical minute of the internet look like? Let's use a selection of popular app and website statistics for reference.

In a single minute, 5.7 million searches are performed on Google's search engine. This helps to explain why Google's average revenue per minute last year was $433,000.

In one minute, the following happens across the major social media sites: 575,000 tweets are sent, 240,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook (65,000 to Instagram) and an amazing 167 million videos are watched on TikTok.

Looking at online shopping, it is estimated that six million people shop online every minute. $283,000 is spent on Amazon alone every minute, again helping towards Amazon's incredible per-minute revenue of $955,517.

As the internet grows and more people are connected worldwide, the more we all rely on keeping connected. Both for business and personal use, having reliable access to the internet is more important now than ever.

Of course, the more we all make use of the internet, the more important it becomes to keep our data safe. In Kaspersky's annual security bulletin statistics for 2021, their software alone detected 380,000 new viruses a day. That is 265 new viruses detected per minute in 2021, which is an increase of 5.7% from 2020.

The growth correlates with the continuous rise in the number of devices used worldwide, among other factors. For the approximate 100 businesses that trust us to look after their IT, we calculate that around 8,500 emails are blocked by our cloud spam filter every day – that's around six every minute.

We help lots of small to medium-sized businesses increase productivity and decrease cyber risk by providing proactive IT support and creating IT and cyber security strategies. Find out more at genmar.co.uk.

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