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Retune founders need 40,000 notes for app to bring emotional harmony to millions with mental health issues

Retune founders Tom Ryder and Kathryn Bailey have a new mission – to raise £40,000 for a mental health app and help millions of users find emotional harmony.

The cousins have already raised £10,000 and now require further investment via a Crowdfunder appeal to take the free self-help tool into production.

Tom Ryder supporting James Morrison at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath in June 2019
Tom Ryder supporting James Morrison at Down Hall Hotel in Hatfield Heath in June 2019

Since its inception in 2018, charity Retune has hosted live concerts and run workshops in schools, hospitals and prisons, as well as producing online resources around mental wellbeing.

The Bishop's Stortford-based organisation's aim is to create a safe and supportive community, underpinned by creativity. It sets mental health in a context everyone can understand – music.

Tom, a Stortford-raised singer-songwriter and journalist, said: "When we retune something, such as a musical instrument or a radio, we make small adjustments in order to achieve harmony, clarity and balance. The same theory can be applied to mental health."

Kathryn Bailey (41431883)
Kathryn Bailey (41431883)

The community app will offer a welcoming space for people all over the UK to come together, led by engaging, creative content.

Features of the app include The Reel, a personalised news feed that offers quality content without the sponsored ads and noise often found in other apps.

It also promotes Retune's SCALES model , a system that uses six 'strings' to keep users' mental wellbeing in tune: Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen, Earth, Social.

Tom, who is the Indie's music and wellbeing columnist, said: "The six strings spell out SCALES. As with a musical scale, we can move up or down these strings during a day, week or month. It's important to pay attention to each of them and to make small adjustments where needed so that our wellbeing is balanced and we feel in harmony.

SCALES (41431809)
SCALES (41431809)

"Members can also join like-minded groups and connect with others in the Retune community. The aim is to keep the app free to use, for everyone. Later there'll be opportunities to subscribe as a member, or 'Retuner', which enables premium features and the ability to post in the app."

In the UK, one in four people suffer from mental ill-health, which adds up to 16.7 million people, and it can take sufferers up to 18 weeks to see an NHS consultant. The annual cost to the economy is estimated at £77 billion, or more than £210m a day. In 2018, there were 6,154 suicides – 16 a day.

Tom has been frank about his own mental health issues after he left The Bishop's Stortford High School and went to university, where a bipolar disorder diagnosis brought his studies to a premature end.

Retune logo (41431851)
Retune logo (41431851)

He said: "There's a massive problem in society, bigger than Covid-19, and most people either underestimate it or don't discuss it.

"Each of us has a close friend or family member who is struggling with their mental health. Talking about it is one thing. But now it's time we did something about it."

For more details see https://www.retunewellbeing.com .

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