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I've noticed a change in my relationship with food – or rather, the fact that I have one at all

I don't know if it goes with the 'weight loss programme' territory, but I'm starting to talk to my food. When I say 'my food', I mean my ex food.

I've split up from bread, biscuits, chips, pies etc and I'm in a new relationship with wholemeal tortilla wraps, sweet potatoes, spinach and overnight oats (or 'one-night stand' oats, if you prefer).

I'm into the fifth week of my 13-week mission to shed 10kg (22lb) under the supervision of MW Fitness at Wickham Hall, who have tailored a bespoke 'food, body and soul' plan for me under their Evolve programme.

MW Fitness (15798604)
MW Fitness (15798604)

So far I'm on track. At last Thursday morning's (August 22) weigh-in I tipped the scales at 90.1kg (14st 2.6lb), down almost 4kg (8.8lb) from my starting weight of 94kg (14st 11lb) on July 25. I need to lose 0.76923077 kg (1lb 11oz) a week, so in fact I'm slightly ahead of schedule.

Interestingly, I've noticed a change in my relationship with food – or rather, the fact that I have one at all.

This realisation was prompted by a discussion I had with a packet of biscuits in Thorley Park Sainsbury's. 'Discussion' might be over-egging the pudding – the conversation was entirely one-way.

There I was, standing in the biscuit aisle, explaining to a packet of Fox's Crunch Creams why, because of its calories and fat content, we couldn't be seen together any more (well, not for another couple of months anyway).

And then I noticed the packet of WeightWatchers biscuits beside them. Ginger and lemon – two of my favourite flavours. Sure enough, their calorie and fat content meant we could have a fling... perhaps even a case of love at first bite.

The odd thing about this episode (as well as the fact that I had been talking to a packet of biscuits) was the feeling of slight guilt I had as I walked away from the biscuit aisle with something other than Fox's Crunch Creams. A feeling of infidelity tantamount to changing your hairdresser (or personal trainer).

It was as if I was betraying myself.

Needless to say, the WeightWatchers biscuit liaison was nowhere near as satisfying as a session with Fox's finest, so I decided that if I couldn't Crunch a Cream then I wouldn't be seeing ANY other biscuit any time soon.

On another occasion, I found myself staring longingly at a large bag of Bombay Mix, an internal monologue playing along the lines of "Look, I can't take you home because once we start we'll never stop and I just won't be able to live with the guilt. Just be patient, give me time. I'm not ruling out us being together again, but right now I just can't..."

I don't have anywhere near that affinity with my new food companions (you just can't have a laugh with spinach), but I respect the role they are playing in shaping a leaner, fitter me.

Now, as my new dietary regime increasingly becomes the norm, I am able to walk up and down the aisles at Sainsbury's without stopping and conversing with the biscuits – much to the relief of the store staff.

What about cake, you say? Now that's a different matter. As I was telling my egg custard tarts only last night...

* This article was first published in the Bishop's Stortford Independent of August 28

* For details of MW Fitness's Evolve programme, and for a free consultation, call 01279 899836, email office@mwfitness.co.uk or visit mwfitness.co.uk

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