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Alliance for Democracy and Freedom and Heritage Party candidates join race to be Bishop’s Stortford’s MP

Two new candidates have thrown their hats into the ring as the race to become Bishop’s Stortford’s MP gathers pace.

Jane Fowler, a member of the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom, and Barry Hensall, who is standing for the Heritage Party - Freedom, Family, Nation, have joined the Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Reform UK parties on the Hertford and Stortford ballot paper for the July 4 General Election.

Their candidacy was confirmed on Friday (June 7) when nominations closed at 5pm and East Herts Council published the final list of names.

Alliance for Democracy and Freedom candidate Jane Fowler
Alliance for Democracy and Freedom candidate Jane Fowler

Mrs Fowler, who lives in Much Hadham, was born in London and educated at Caterham High School in Clayhall, Essex. She is currently an estate agent but is a qualified dental nurse and worked for an NHS practice for over 25 years.

The 54-year-old added: “I also used to own a pub [The Crown in Much Hadham] which we sadly had to close down as it was not financially viable.”

She has been happily married for 34 years, and has two children and one grandchild.

Mrs Fowler joined the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom at the beginning of the year. She was clear about what the alliance offered that mainstream politics did not: “Honesty, integrity - we are not whipped so I am not answerable to a central party. We are here for the constituents and not for personal gain. We promise to work for the people.”

She regarded immigration and housing as her party’s priorities and added: “As I work in the property industry, I know housing desperately needs reform.”

She explained why she was putting herself forward: “I am forever moaning about the state of this and the state of that and how bad the country is getting. What better way is there if you want to get things sorted? Our lovely market towns are not what they used to be and that makes me sad. I want to make them better and safer.”

So why should residents vote for her? “I am just a normal wife, mum, nan. I am local, I have lived in the area for nearly 30 years. I am not university-educated, I do not have political experience but I am relatable and I care. I want to get things done and I will take people to task on our constituents’ issues. Potholes for one!”

Heritage Party candidate Barry Hensall
Heritage Party candidate Barry Hensall

Barry Hensall’s decision to fight the Hertford and Stortford seat is his second election bid in 13 months.

In May 2023, the 70-year-old married father of two contested an All Saints seat on East Herts Council and was last of the eight candidates with 35 votes.

He was born near Stockport, Greater Manchester, and grew up in the North West. He moved to Haringey, London, in 1998 then Stortford in 2012. He taught IT before working in various Government departments as a consultant and trainer.

He said: “Our nation desperately needs a change from the political parties that have been mismanaging our nation for the last several decades.

“The Heritage Party wants to give people a choice: we can either stick with globalist parties that are ruining our nation with mass immigration, record national debt, ‘net zero’ policies that are making energy and food more expensive and who are now accelerating us towards a dangerous hot war in eastern Europe, or we can return to common sense and restore our nation.

2019's General Election result in Hertford and Stortford
2019's General Election result in Hertford and Stortford

“The Heritage Party stands for simple common-sense policies and principles that will restore purpose and prosperity to our country if we choose them.”

He listed the party’s priorities: Protect our culture and heritage; Free speech and liberty; Traditional family values; Stop gender ideology and sexualisation of children in schools; National sovereignty; Control our borders – end mass immigration; Stop rampant development – protect our countryside; Financial responsibility; Self-sufficiency in skills; Self-sufficiency in energy; No net zero – keep our cars; Support our farmers; No more lockdowns or coerced ‘vaccinations’; Disentangle from foreign wars; Pro-life.

Candidates in Hertford and Stortford are (in alphabetical order of surname): John Burmicz – Reform; Helen Campbell – Lib Dem; Nick Cox – Green; Josh Dean – Lab; Jane Fowler – Alliance for Democracy and Freedom; Barry Hensall – Heritage Party - Freedom, Family, Nation; Julie Marson – Con.

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