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Bishop's Stortford Town Council election results: Lib Dems and Labour win 6 seats from Conservatives

Cllr Colin Woodward has lost his district and town council seats but remains a county councillorPic: Vikki Lince (9594525)
Cllr Colin Woodward has lost his district and town council seats but remains a county councillorPic: Vikki Lince (9594525)

High-profile former mayor Colin Woodward is one of six Conservatives who lost their seats on Bishop's Stortford Town Council in Thursday's local elections.

The Liberal Democrats, who won four of the 13 Stortford seats on East Herts Council in the district council poll, went one better by winning five on the town council. Labour won the sixth.

Of the 17 seats on the new-look town council, the Conservatives hold 11, the Lib Dems five and Labour one. In 2015, the Conservatives won all 18 seats; since then, All Saints ward has been reduced from four seats to three.

Nine of the 17 will be new faces, though at least two – Lib Dems Mike Wood and Bob Taylor – have served on the town council before and have both been mayor.


The Lib Dems repeated their district council clean sweep. Veteran ex-mayor and one-time county and district councillor Mike Wood was returned with 1,112 votes. He will be joined in the town council chamber in Windhill by his two party colleagues, particle physicist Louie Corpe – who won an EHC seat earlier on Friday – and Richard Townsend.

Mr Woodward, who is still a Herts county councillor for Stortford, was again the most popular choice among All Saints Tory voters, as he was in the EHC poll in that ward. Tory colleagues Stan Stainsby and Justine Duggan did not seek re-election.

ALL SAINTS (3 elected)

  1. Mike Wood (Lib Dem) 1,112
  2. Louie Corpe (Lib Dem) 1,082
  3. Richard Townsend (Lib Dem) 983
  4. Colin Woodward (Con) 733
  5. Patricia Moore (Con) 636
  6. Shane Manning (Con) 611
  7. Eamonn Abbott (Lab) 297

Turnout: 35%Result: 3 Lib Dem gains from Con


This ward is the most politically diverse in Stortford as the Conservatives lost two seats: one to Lib Dem Terence Beckett – who was also elected to EHC in All Saints earlier on Friday – and one to Labour stalwart Jill Sortwell.

They were split by Tory David Snowdon, who was re-elected having won a by-election only last year. Fellow Conservatives Philip Demonti and Daniel Abbott did not seek re-election.

Terence Beckett won by 141 votes, but only 66 votes separated the six other candidates, with Jill Sortwell getting past the post just 20 votes ahead of Tory newcomer Cassandra Johnson.

MEADS (3 elected)

  1. Terence Beckett (Lib Dem) 655
  2. David Snowdon (Con) 514
  3. Jill Sortwell (Lab) 505
  4. Cassandra Johnson (Con) 485
  5. Jason Lawrence (Con) 467
  6. Margaret Barker (Lab) 451
  7. Elif Toker-Turnalar (Lab) 448

Turnout: 33%Result: 1 Lib Dem gain from Con, 1 Lab gain from Con, 1 Con hold


Lib Dem former town councillor Bob Taylor, a one-time mayor of Stortford, broke the Conservative stranglehold in Central ward.

Community stalwart Norma Symonds, mayor George Cutting and deputy mayor Holly Drake were re-elected, but fellow Tory Ana Baptista, who had switched from All Saints, was knocked down into seventh.

Only 43 votes separated Bob Taylor in fourth, Labour duo Thomas Diamond and Sotirios Adamopoulos, Ana Baptista and eighth-placed Lib Dem Sarah Wilson, whose husband Chris was one of the Lib Dem trio who won All Saints on EHC.

(4 elected)

  1. Norma Symonds (Con) 741
  2. George Cutting (Con) 735
  3. Holly Drake (Con) 729
  4. Bob Taylor (Lib Dem) 666
  5. Thomas Diamond (Lab) 646
  6. Sotirios Adamopoulos (Lab) 644
  7. Ana Baptista (Con) 637
  8. Sarah Wilson (Lib Dem) 623
  9. Natalie Russell (Lab) 552
  10. David Jacobs (Lab) 543

Turnout: 28.83%Result: 1 Lib Dem gain from Con, 3 Con holds


Long-serving Diane Hollebon, town council leader John Wyllie and Keith Warnell were comfortably re-elected as the Conservatives pulled off a clean sweep in South ward by winning all four seats.

It was compensation for Cllr Warnell, who, as the current East Herts Council chairman, lost his Meads ward seat on the district council earlier in the day.

They will be joined by 19-year-old Toby Garrett, who lives on Thorley Park and works as an apprentice in London. Four years ago, Alastair Ward-Booth was just 18 when he was elected to the town council. Toby replaces Graham McAndrew, who did not seek re-election but remains a county and district councillor.

The one Green Party candidate in this year's town council elections, Liz Downes, finished fifth, ahead of a Lib Dem trio and a Labour quartet.

SOUTH (4 elected)

  1. Diane Hollebon (Con) 920
  2. John Wyllie (Con) 836
  3. Toby Garrett (Con) 830
  4. Keith Warnell (Con) 810
  5. Lucy Downes (Green) 663
  6. Calvin Horner (Lib Dem) 611
  7. Stephen Skinner (Lib Dem) 524
  8. Paul Tenconi (Lib Dem) 485
  9. Andrew Cowley (Lab) 386
  10. Jane Skinner (Lab) 360
  11. Rod Abouharb (Lab) 292
  12. Shem Jacobs (Lab) 283

Turnout: 31%Result: 4 Con holds


The Tories also achieved a clean sweep in Silverleys, where long-serving Lib Dem Mione Goldspink was unable to repeat her district council Meads ward triumph earlier in the day.

She was fourth behind the elected Conservative trio of East Herts Council development management committee chairman Tim Page, who was re-elected, and newcomers Judith Ranger and psychotherapist Dave Anderson. Gary Jones and Alastair Ward-Booth did not stand again.

The three Labour candidates polled 771 votes – one less than Cllr Page's winning 772.

SILVERLEYS (3 elected)

Tim Page (Con) 772

Judith Ranger (Con) 707

Dave Anderson (Con) 645

Mione Goldspink (Lib Dem) 535

Ian Payton (Lab) 307

Susan Hills (Lab) 251

Colette Slater (Lab) 213

Turnout: 32.6%Result: 3 Con holds

The count took place at Wodson Park Sports Centre in Ware on Friday from 11am.

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