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TJ Higgs: TV psychic medium and author to bring messages from the afterlife to audience in Bishop’s Stortford

A leading medium, author and star of TV’s Psychic Private Eyes, TJ Higgs, is restarting her national tour from her home town of Bishop’s Stortford with a talk at H@me & Eat.

Her show Grief is Love has proved extremely popular and TJ, also known as Tracey, wanted to kick-start 2024 with a “cosy and intimate” date at the restaurant and home accessories venue on Stansted Road on Thursday (Jan 25).

“I moved away from this area to Suffolk but came back in July and thought it would be nice to do something local for my community, and H@me & Eat is such a unique kind of venue that is very quirky and intimate,” she said.

TJ is an author, psychic mentor and lecturer
TJ is an author, psychic mentor and lecturer

TJ describes herself as a natural-born psychic medium with an ability to reach spirits and pass on messages to loved ones. She has worked with a host of A-list celebrities and royals, including King Charles.

The Sunday Times best-selling author of Living with the Gift, who currently features on True Crime Xtra with her show, says her work is rooted in “evidence-based” communications from the afterlife rather than ambiguous comments that could apply to anyone.

“I will communicate with your loved ones in spirit and they give me evidence that I present to my audience,” she said. “It’s not about just communicating with an ‘old grey-haired lady’, it’s more about their personality, not guesswork. It’s information coming through that you wouldn’t want the world to necessarily know sometimes.

TV presenter and psychic medium TJ Higgs is launching her 2024 live tour from Bishop’s Stortford
TV presenter and psychic medium TJ Higgs is launching her 2024 live tour from Bishop’s Stortford

“It’s not the generic kind of mediumship, which is like a script. I am about ‘What would I want to tell my family if I was dead? What would I say?

“I was born this way, I’ve always been like it, and was 26 when it really started to come out. I was separating from my husband at the time and I could ‘see’ him and what he was doing and where he was and the feelings got stronger and stronger.

“I started on a medium circle in Harlow when I was 30 and that was 24 years ago now. I didn’t realise how different I was growing up and was called a liar and was told I was wrong about things, but it's much easier now to be open.”

Sceptics have called mediums charlatans for their work, says TJ – she once had someone waiting for her outside a theatre with a burning cross.

“I fully respect what everybody believes and if you’re a non-believer you are more than welcome to my shows,” she said.

“A lot of people out there are fake and do manipulate people. There’s a power in what you do and you have to be aware of that and how you communicate things to people.

“The only people I am interested in are the people I give the messages to because they know the information, what is true and it leaves them some comfort.”

TJ is offering visitors to her Stortford show ‘buy one, get one free’ tickets, which are available from her website https://tjhiggs.com.

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