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Cubs cook up a storm at Bishop's Stortford's winter night shelter

The entire Comanche Cub pack from 1st Bishop's Stortford and Hockerill Scouts honed their culinary skills at Bishop's Stortford's winter night shelter.

The 24 boys and girls aged eight to ten created a main course and pudding, ready for the first guests at the haven for the homeless at Holy Trinity Church which opened on November 28.

Two weeks before their stint in the kitchen, shelter manager David Perry visited the pack to explain how the shelter works and the plight of rough sleepers.

Commanche Cubs at the winter night shelter (22862994)
Commanche Cubs at the winter night shelter (22862994)

Akala Roy Ellard said: "On the actual night of Cubs MasterChef they were on top form. First they were presented with a table full of veg and various dessert ingredients. After 45 minutes of furious peeling, chopping, stirring and arranging, the Cubs produced two large pots of delicious vegetable kidney bean stew and then four scrummy trays of bread and butter pudding.

"It was many Cubs' first proper cooking experience, and this counted as part of their chef's badge and for another badge where part of it is to complete some sort of voluntary work for the community.

"More important than badges was to try to get them to be enthused about helping others by showing them how rewarding and fun it can be. We wanted to foster a community spirit in the Cubs and help them live up to the part of the Cub Scout law that says 'to help other people'."

Commanche Cubs at the winter night shelter (22863016)
Commanche Cubs at the winter night shelter (22863016)

Roy added: "Perhaps the hardest lesson was smelling the gorgeous wafts of cinnamon coming from their dessert and not being able to eat it!"

The chopping marathon ended in a plaster count of one for the Cubs and four for their leaders. Akala joked: "I think we'll get the Cubs to do the safety briefing next time!"

Last year the Cubs cleaned and tidied the shelter before it opened as part of their Scouting mission.

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