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Yobs endanger mother and two children in Thorley Park

Two boys dragged a tree branch into the path of an oncoming car in Bishop's Stortford while their friends stood and watched to see if it would crash.

The incident, which happened on Thorley Park on Tuesday evening (Dec 18), involved a vehicle being driven by a woman who had her two young children with her.

As she mum was driving through the estate, she saw a pair of teenagers drag a huge branch into the road, blocking her side of the carriageway and causing her to swerve onto the other side of the road and up the kerb.

Her children screamed, and her evasive action resulted in damage to some of the car's alloy wheels. Fortunately, because there was no vehicle coming the other way, more serious damage was avoided. Neither the woman nor her children were injured.

The driver saw the two teens run off to join a larger group, who stood and watched the near-miss.

Around 15 minutes later, the woman's partner was driving along the same road when a rock was thrown at his windscreen, causing it to smash.

The woman posted a warning on local social media forums to drivers in Thorley Park.

Inspector Chris Hunt, of Bishop's Stortford police, was made aware of the incident by Cllr Colin Woodward, who had read about it on social media. The inspector warned that police would come down heavy on anyone caught endangering life in this way.

“The placing of objects in the carriageway or throwing objects at cars is extremely dangerous. These actions could cause an accident with serious or even fatal consequences,” he said.

“With this in mind, anyone caught involved in these types of incidents will be dealt with robustly and, in serious cases, could lead to a court case and imprisonment.

"Parents are advised to make their children aware that these incidents are very dangerous and for them not to be pressured to get involved due to the dangers and consequences.”

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