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Green Party looks to the future and breakthrough in European elections

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Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures. (10189197)

Following the Indie's month-long coverage of the May 2 local election campaign for town and district councils in Bishop's Stortford, we asked the parties to reflect on their performances and look to the future after a vote which saw the Conservatives' absolute control of the town council reduced from all 18 seats in 2015 to 11 this time, with 5 Lib Dems and 1 Labour member. On East Herts Council, there are 40 Conservatives, 6 Lib Dems, 2 Labour and 2 Green Party after the Tories' 2015 50-seat clean sweep was consigned to history. In Stortford, Lucy Downes just missed out on a South ward seat on the town council while at district, Laura King beat two Lib Dems and Labour to come fifth in the three-seat South ward and Liz and Lucy Downes beat UKIP in Central ward.

East Herts Green Party made history on May 2. For the first time there are Green politicians on East Herts Council, Hertford Town Council and Ware Town Council.

Your new Green councillors are:

Ben Crystall (Hertford Bengeo) and James Frecknall (Ware Trinity) on district council;

Alex Daar and Tony Tarrega on Hertford Town Council;

Martin Butcher on Ware Town Council.

We would like to thank all those people who voted for us and we look forward to representing you and giving a strong and coherent green voice in all aspects of local government.

Alex Daar, chair of East Herts Green Party, said: "Given the widespread concerns about the environment from young Greta Thunberg to older David Attenborough, we are not surprised people in East Herts decided to vote Green.

"Your Green councillors look forward to all opportunities to help East Herts fight the risks of climate change.

"We hope you will vote Green again in the European elections on May 23 – a vote for protection against climate change and to remain in Europe.

"The Green Party were within 1% of getting an MEP in the last European election."

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