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Man who dropped £2,400 in banknotes in Stortford town centre gets it all back thanks to honest passers-by

The NatWest branch in North Street
The NatWest branch in North Street

A man who had £2,400 in cash blown out of his hand by a gust of wind in Bishop's Stortford town centre has paid tribute to the passers-by who helped him gather up dozens of banknotes from the ground.

Rob Pearce, 48, recently sold his Ford Focus and had travelled into Stortford from his home in Sawbridgeworth to pay the money - all in £20 notes - into his NatWest bank account.

As he arrived in North Street, a gust of wind blew the unsealed envelope containing the cash out of his hands and the 120 notes were scattered across the road, the pavement and under parked cars.

"Someone stopped to help, then another, then a car stopped and the driver jumped out, then a shopkeeper,said Rob, a father of two.

"After 15 seconds there were nine or ten people gathering the cash up for me, crouched on the pavement, sliding under cars, searching the road."

After a couple of minutes, everyone who went to Rob's aid had collected fistfuls of notes and handed them to him. Rob was so flustered that he did not manage to take his helpers' names, so he contacted the Bishop's Stortford Independent hoping they would see his message of thanks.

"When the cashier finally ran the notes through her machine the total came to £2,400,Rob said.

"I was deeply humbled by the great honesty of these individuals and would like to say an enormous thank you through your newspaper."

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