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Windhill21 Primary School goes for floss dance world record

General Views - File Shots Bishops Stortford Windhill 21
General Views - File Shots Bishops Stortford Windhill 21

Pupils and parents at Windhill21 Primary School are hoping to set a world record for the most people doing the floss dance move simultaneously.

The challenge, dubbed The Flossathon, will kick off after school on Friday (Oct 19) at 3.30pm.

It was dreamed up by the Windhill21 School Association (WSA), and the team – headed up by Claire Nelson and Julia Wilkie – know how popular the dance craze is.

The floss is a co-ordinated, arm-flailing, hip-swinging routine invented by YouTuber Russell Horning, aka ‘Backpack Kid’.

WSA initially thought about capitalising on the dance’s popularity to raise money, but the group eventually chose to stage the event just for fun.

“We decided ‘Let’s not think about this from a money-maker point of view, let’s look at it as doing something that captures the imagination’,” said Claire.

Claire’s children Elsbeth, who is in Year 2, and Dominic, in Year 4, are big fans of the dance.

“My children can’t go anywhere without flossing,” she said. “If you watch your own children doing it, they do it so quickly you can’t keep up.”

Guinness World Records has accepted WSA’s application for The Flossathon; 500 dancers are needed to set the record as it has never been done before.

Claire said: “The school’s quite big. It’ll be most of the children and anyone picking them up because it’s after school on a Friday.”

Pupils proficient with the dance moves have been leading tutorials in the school playground to make sure everyone can floss, and parents have been sharing tutorial videos.

“If 10% don’t floss we get disqualified. The rules are quite strict,” said Claire.

The event is being opened to the wider community; children and parents from other Stortford schools who want to take part would be welcomed, and witnesses are needed.

“For every 50 participants, we need to have an independent steward who watches them and makes sure they’re flossing,” said Claire.

WSA also needs to borrow clickers and 120m of barriers to cordon off the area. Witnesses or marshals would also be needed to help out for a couple of hours on the Friday.

Anyone who can help should email wsa@windhill.herts.sch.uk.

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