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Bishop's Stortford Swimming Club members bagged more than 60 medals at the Regional Qualifier Gala hosted by Thurrock Swimming Club

Bishop's Stortford Swimming Club members bagged more than 60 medals at the Regional Qualifier Gala.

The nine-year-old boys' squad of Arthur Longman, Caulder Paxton, Elliot Hall and Samuel Bird performed brilliantly and showed great promise for the future with at least one of them getting a medal in every event they entered.

The 12/13-year-old girls were particularly dominant, especially in the 200m breaststroke and freestyle where they took all three medals, and in the 50m butterfly where cousins Jessie and Emma Fields claimed gold and silver respectively.

Stortford's grand total at the meet, which was hosted by Thurrock Swimming Club, was 22 gold medals, 20 silver and 21 bronze.

The older swimmers were also chasing times for the Swim England East Region Championships and many obtained them, but unfortunately they will not get a chance to show their skills on that stage just yet as all events have been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

9 years: Arthur Longman - Silver 100m breast, bronze 50m/200m breast; Elliot Hall - Silver 50m breast, 50m Fly, bronze 50m free; Samuel Bird - Silver 100m free.

10/11 years: Beau Reilly - Gold 200m back, silver 400m free, bronze 100m back; Catherine Clune - Gold 50m/100m breast, bronze 100m free; Eliza Andrews - Gold 50m/100m/200m back, bronze 400m free; Hannah Robinson - Bronze 50m breast; Leo Suo-Saunders - Gold 50m breast, silver 50m free, 100m/200m breast, bronze 100m free; Zoe Opiyo - Silver 200m breast.

12/13 years: Alice Longman - Gold 100m free; Callum Cox - Gold 100m fly, Silver 50m back, 50m fly, 100m free, bronze 50m breast, 200m fly, 200m IM; Emma Fields - Silver 50m fly; Grace Mason - Bronze 400m IM; Jago Derrington - Gold 200m/400m free, 100m back, silver 200m back, bronze 50m back; Jessie Fields - Gold 50m/100m fly, silver 200m free; Kirsty Neill - Gold 50m/200m breast, 200m/400m IM, bronze 200m/400m free; Lauren Gore - Gold 100m breast, silver 50m/200m breast; Meisha Trend-Evans - Gold 50m/200m free, silver 100m/400m free, bronze 100m back; Miriam Moukdad - Bronze 200m breast.

14 years and over: David Badcock - Bronze 200m breast; Hannah Morgan - Bronze 50m breast; Lilian Opiyo - Gold 50m free, silver 50m breast, bronze 100m/200m breast.

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