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A Fridge Too Far: Sequel continues Terry Shufflebottom's fridge-freezer adventures for Albury author Michelle King

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Albury author Michelle King penned her second book in double-quick time and the comic sequel is now available on Amazon.

A Fridge Too Far, the follow-up to @MagicManTerry and the Old Fridge-Freezer, took the mother of two just over a year to write, compared to four years for the original. "I'm on a roll!" joked 53-year-old Michelle.

In the first book, protagonist Terry Shufflebottom discovers his fridge freezer grants him magic powers; when he gazes at it, he has visions, such as the whereabouts of his wife's lost engagement ring. He gains internet fame and decides to use the enchanted fridge freezer to try to win the lottery – but mayhem ensues when his mother replaces it with a new one as an anniversary gift.

Michelle King (57350861)
Michelle King (57350861)

Like many part-time writers, the Covid-19 pandemic provided time for Michelle to set out her new story.

"I've loved every minute of writing my fictional comedy – the characters just wouldn't let me go from the start," she said. "I don't know if I'll write a third book – it's quite a task but a joyful and rewarding one.

"The book is humour/comedy with some laugh-out-loud passages – so I've been told! It focuses on the antics and events in the lives of characters mainly around middle age, but there are some younger characters too. They get into all sorts of scrapes and relationship problems.

A Fridge Too Far (57350865)
A Fridge Too Far (57350865)

"The story still has Terry chasing after his ageing fridge-freezer and trying to win the lottery for his wife Linda.

"There's a moral to the story, as in the first book. My editor commented 'What an ending!' Even though I wrote it, the final page still sends shivers down my spine.

"Although it's a comedy, there are serious parts to the book. Even though there's an element of fantasy, the characters' lives and issues are just as they would be in real life. It's suitable for 18s and up – probably of most interest to my sort of age and over."

Michelle's creative career began in 2011 when she won a radio songwriting competition.

Back cover of a fridge too far (57350863)
Back cover of a fridge too far (57350863)

"Realising it was as much about the words as the music, I wrote a short story, Double Trouble, for the Bishop's Stortford College Festival of Literature in 2012 and was short-listed."

At the time, Michelle and husband David were living in Stortford but they moved to Patmore Heath in Albury three years ago.

Michelle was born in Stortford in the former maternity unit at Herts and Essex Hospital. After she and David married, they moved to Stansted then spent a few years in Somerset before making their way back to Stortford.

They lived in Lavender Close on the Bishop's Gate estate for 23 years and raised two children: son James, now 28, lives in Hampshire with wife Maria while daughter Abby, 24, lives in Stortford with her fiancé Owen and their 21-month-old son Henry.

Both children were pupils at The Christian School in Takeley, where Michelle taught music. She has also worked as a hypnotherapist, counsellor and musician, writing and recording her own material.

She has been a member of Harlow Writers since 2014 and said: "I've had their constant support as well as every encouragement from family and friends and Diane Hall and the team from The Writing Hall, who helped publish the book.

Michelle urged others to pluck up the courage to put pen to paper too: "I joined my writing group and haven't looked back. They received my idea so enthusiastically and gave support and encouragement. If somebody had said a few years ago that I would have written a book – or two even – I would have answered 'A lovely idea, but I doubt it'. I mean, where do you start?

"You need an idea, run it past a few people such as fellow writers. It's amazing how a group like this can inspire and they're a willing audience. It takes time and dedication to write a book, but if the desire is there, just go for it. You won't know until you try. Reach for the stars and, most of all, have fun!"

Michelle already has enough material to turn Terry Shufflebottom's saga into a trilogy and the latest feedback from readers indicates they are hungry for more adventures.

* A Fridge Too Far, published by The Wheel House Publishing, is available on Amazon for £7.99, along with @MagicManTerry and the Old Fridge-Freezer.

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