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Kate Hennessey uses Nikon bridge camera to capture four seasons of lockdown in the Hertfordshire village of Much Hadham

I was born and raised in Ilford. Seventeen years ago I moved to Bishop's Stortford and five years ago I moved to Much Hadham, writes Kate Hennessey.

As a 10-year-old, I developed a love of wildlife and nature. I was fascinated by the flocks of lapwings near Hainault Forest, the way they flew and glistened in the sun and the tassel on their head. No photos back then, but the experience and memory remain. That lifelong passion with nature had begun.

In 2013, during a life crisis, I set myself a challenge: to find and photograph something every day that was beautiful or unusual, using my phone camera. That pushed me into new interests within nature.

Every season has something special. Fungi, realising the meadows were full of tiny butterflies and then discovering my favourites, damselflies and dragonflies. They are real characters and some have smiley faces. Locally, at Great Amwell Nature Reserve, 19 species can be found and I can now identify them. Being so engrossed is great meditation and worries are soon forgotten.

In 2019 I was gifted a Nikon bridge camera and slowly my confidence has grown and I can create a photo I am pleased with.

All the photos on these pages have been taken these last four seasons, around the woods and fields in Much Hadham, during lockdown.

The baby woodpecker is my favourite – a real experience watching it being fed and then fledge.

The basics of something beautiful or unusual in nature keep me grounded in this strange time.

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