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Kieran Anthony Follett releases debut novel: Sidewards

A 25-year-old author who started writing his own short stories when he was a nine-year-old pupil at Richard Whittington Primary School has unveiled his literary debut.

Kieran Anthony Follett, who specialises in sci-fi, fantasy and horror, has had his thriller Sidewards, which has taken six years to write, published by New Generation Publishing.

Sidewards tells the story of two characters – the upstanding David and brutish Cain. “They’ve been occupying the same body for countless years, they don’t know why that’s the case. It’s somewhat like Jekyll and Hyde,” explained Kieran.

Kieran Anthony Follett with his debut novel, Sidewards(15666068)
Kieran Anthony Follett with his debut novel, Sidewards(15666068)

“They work for this organisation that deals with all the odd stuff out there, like aliens, ghosts and supernatural threats. An unexpected face from the past shows up and it’s from there that things start to get revealed. It’s really out there. It’s action-packed. It’s both science-fiction and fantasy.”

As a youngster, Kieran had a go at writing stories inspired by his favourite TV shows, Doctor Who and Dragonball Z. When he was a 14-year-old pupil at The Bishop’s Stortford High School, he had a go at penning an entirely original novel, centred around a protagonist who discovers he is from another world.

After finishing at TBSHS, Kieran studied creative writing at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. Once he graduated, Kieran moved back to his home town for a year and joined the Stortford Scribblers.

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“It was nice there, interacting with all the fellow writers, going through works that we were just all willing to share with one another and get feedback. It was a great, relaxing atmosphere. Being with your own kind, as it were,” he said.

But, 12 months later, Kieran made the move back to Cheltenham and launched independent publisher Book Feathers with two friends.

“I served as editor,” he said. “I handled proof-reading texts, anything that came through, and also talent scouting.

“Book Feathers itself did not last long. It was not making back as much money as we were putting in.” But the experience, he said, did prove to be useful.

For his next step, Kieran plans to write a collection of short stories to further flex his writing muscles.

He said: “I’m working on science-fiction, fantasy and horror, my three favourite genres, just to look through stuff that’s a bit beyond us. The unexpected and the odd.”

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