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The Chase: The questions Bishop's Stortford's Eden Nash was asked on his way to winning £75,000 on TV quiz show

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Former Birchwood High School student Eden Chase, from Bishop's Stortford, won £75,000 single-handedly on TV quiz show The Chase.

Eden – who was 20 when the episode was filmed in early 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic – was the only one in his team of four who made it through to the final chase in the programme screened on ITV on Tuesday (August 31).

There was little sign that he was on course for what is the biggest ever daytime TV quiz show win by a single contestant when he got a modest three out of nine correct in his Cash Builder round.

Eden with host Bradley Walsh (50792882)
Eden with host Bradley Walsh (50792882)

In the next round, Chasing the Money at the table, he plumped without hesitation for the higher offer of £75,000 put to him by Chaser Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis and got six out of seven right to progress to the final chase.

There, he correctly answered 18 questions put to him in his two minutes. He then watched as Darragh managed to get only 15 of his own set of questions right. Crucially, of the seven the Chaser got wrong, Eden got four correct to "push back" his opponent.

How would you have fared in Eden's shoes? Test yourself or your family, friends or colleagues with Eden's questions from Tuesday's edition of The Chase...

Eden Nash gets a congratulatory hug from The Chase host Bradley Walsh (50792866)
Eden Nash gets a congratulatory hug from The Chase host Bradley Walsh (50792866)


  1. In a game of snap, how many consecutive cards must match?
  2. Named after the Apollo XI pilot, Collins crater is on what heavenly body?
  3. What Scottish town hosted its first Open golf championship in 1873?
  4. The freshwater type of what gemstone can be found in the Mississippi River?
  5. In what classic film does Miss Gulch take Toto away in a basket?
  6. In what year was Princess Charlotte of Cambridge born?
  7. The chemical compound citral is a pale yellow liquid that smells of what fruit?
  8. Alphabetically, what Biblical book is between Esther and Ezekiel?
  9. What word refers to gold or silver valued by weight or in bulk before coining?


Where Eden gave an incorrect answer, the correct one is in bold in brackets

1 Two 2 The Moon 3 Edinburgh (St Andrews) 4 Ruby (pearl) 5 The Wizard of Oz 6 2016 (2015) 7 Orange (lemon) 8 Pass (Exodus) 9 Mint (Bullion)


  1. In The Dandy comic, Desperate Dan used a blowtorch to carry out what activity? A Cleaning his teeth B Cutting his hair C Shaving
  2. The Flyers and the Penguins are major ice hockey teams in what US state? A Michigan B New Jersey C Pennsylvania
  3. What geographical feature gets its name from the Latin word for 'abandoned'? A Desert B Glacier C Jungle
  4. In recent years the Aintree Grand National has started at what time? A 1.15pm B 3.15pm C 5.15pm
  5. Which of these James Bond films did NOT feature John Cleese? A Die Another Day B Licence to Kill C The World is Not Enough
  6. The 2020 New Year Honours list featured five of England's World Cup winners in what sport? A Cricket B Football C Rugby
  7. In what field of study is the term "every good boy deserves food" used as a reminder? A Astronomy B History C Music


1 C 2 C 3 A 4 C 5 B 6 A 7 C (Eden and Chaser Darragh both got six correct – they both got number 4 wrong; they said B)


Eden chose set B and had a one-step head start

  1. What colour is Superman's cape?
  2. What nationality is '90s supermodel Christy Turlington?
  3. TV pundit Pat Nevin was a professional in what sport?
  4. Vilnius is the capital of which country?
  5. The stage show Totally Tina is attributed to which singer?
  6. Ben Gurion Airport is the home terminal for what national airline?
  7. What was the first Spielberg film to feature velociraptors?
  8. Which Irish dramatist wrote the play Juno and the Paycock?
  9. The Kingsway Tunnel links Wallasey to which North West city?
  10. The official flower of Florida is the blossom of what fruit?
  11. What Aldous Huxley novel is set in the year 632 after Ford?
  12. Who was the second wife of singer Sonny Bono?
  13. What name for a carved pumpkin also means a nightwatchman?
  14. Nevis Range is a snow sports area in which UK country?
  15. The 10,000 year clock is on display in what London museum?
  16. What bakery chain launched its vegan steak bake in 2020?
  17. The Ganges flows into a bay in what ocean?
  18. Which incumbent lost the 1976 US presidential election?
  19. A novendial ceremony lasts how many days?
  20. Bona Drag is an album by which member of The Smiths?
  21. In medicine, lipolysis means the breakdown of what substance?
  22. 1979, Wrigley introduced what bubble gum brand?
  23. The Isle of Arran is at the mouth of what Scottish firth?
  24. US sitcom Cheers was first broadcast in what decade?
  25. The phrase "ad hominem" comes from what ancient language?


Where Eden gave an incorrect answer, the correct one is in bold in brackets

1 Red 2 British (American) 3 Football 4. Lithuania 5. Tina Turner

6 Turkish (El Al) 7 Jurassic Park 8 [John] Keats (Seán O'Casey) 9 Leeds (Liverpool) 10 Orange

11 2001 (A Brave New World) 12 Cher 13 Jack-o'-lantern 14 Scotland 15 Greenwich (Science Museum)

16 Greggs 17 Indian 18 (Gerald) Ford 19 Nine 20 Morrissey

21 Fat 22 Extra (Hubba Bubba) 23 Loch Ness (Clyde) 24 '80s 25 Latin

The beaten Chaser Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis (50792895)
The beaten Chaser Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis (50792895)


  1. In computing what symbol is the reverse of a forward slash?
  2. The Sarawak layer cake is a delicacy from what continent?
  3. What US state capital shares its name with a mythical bird?
  4. David Attenborough was knighted in what decade?
  5. What genus of primate contains the largest of the apes?
  6. Unbreak My Heart is an album by which Northern Irish flautist?
  7. Rebellion.earth is the website of what protest group?
  8. Which Spaniard ordered the execution of the last Inca emperor?
  9. The Weatherfield Gazette is a newspaper...[in which TV soap?]
  10. Usually placed in a menorah, what is a shamash?
  11. Homo erectus fossils were first found on what Indonesian island?
  12. A species of what animal can deliver a jolt of 860 volts?
  13. In 1744, HMS Victory sank in what channel?
  14. Which Disney title character is an oppressed scullery maid?
  15. The Dunstable Swan Jewel is in what London museum?
  16. Who was the uncle of the racing driver Bruno Senna?
  17. In slang, how many pounds in a ton?
  18. What company made the Bel Air car?
  19. A haemoscope is used to examine what?
  20. How many protons does a hydrogen atom have?
  21. The Galata Tower is a landmark in what Turkish city?
  22. The Silent World was a film by which French oceanographer?
  23. The politician Olof Palme was killed in which city?
  24. What confectionery company makes... [the Milky Bar?]
  25. Hop-tu-Naa is a festival on what Irish Sea island?
  26. "When I give my heart" is a line from what Nat King Cole hit?


Where Darragh gave an incorrect answer, the correct one is in bold in brackets

1 Backslash 2 North America (Asia) – Eden's pushback answer: Asia 3 Phoenix 4 1990s (80s) – Eden's pushback answer: 80s 5 Gorilla

6 James Galway 7 Extinction Rebellion 8 Philip II (Francisco Pizarro) – Eden's pushback answer: Philip I 9 Coronation Street 10 Pass (candle) – Eden's pushback answer: Candle

11 Java 12 Eel 13 English Channel 14 Cinderella 15 British Museum

16 Ayrton Senna 17 100 18 Cadillac (Chevrolet) – Eden's pushback answer: Chrysler 19 Blood 20 One

21 Istanbul 22 Jacques Cousteau 23. Pass (Stockholm) – Eden's pushback answer: Berlin 24 Cadbury's (Nestlé) – Eden's pushback answer: Nestlé 25 Isle of Man 26 When I Fall in Love

Eden Nash gets a congratulatory hug from The Chase host Bradley Walsh (50792897)
Eden Nash gets a congratulatory hug from The Chase host Bradley Walsh (50792897)

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